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Frankie Sherman
Frankie Sherman
Christian Speaker-Bible Teacher &
Funny Lady for Women's Ministry

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Retreat Themes/Topics

Frankieís bibles studies and messages for Christian womenís retreats are created to help women experience a deeper relationship with God, increase their faith, and experience the joy of being alive in Christ. Listed below are a few of her most requested studies. Each one includes lesson outlines, and questions for small groups.

  Why We Need Girlfriends

Through the framework of Godís word, history, and her own unique style Frankie will take you on a journey into the lives of two incredible women, Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist) and Mary (the mother of Jesus). Both were expecting a miracle child that would change the world. From their history defining friendship, one can understand why friendship is God-ordained. An excellent retreat for women of all ages. Frankie's bible study Why We Need Girlfriends will be released in July 2008.

Extremely Made Over...In Christ

The pages of Godís word are filled with numerous stories of women who received the "ultimate makeover." Not by a plastic surgeon or fashion expert- but by Jesus, the One and Only. Their before and after stories are amazing because "makeovers" are Godís specialty.

***In addition to the spiritual teaching Frankie shares some unique fashions tips and simple solutions to help godly women dress from the inside out.

Life Strategies for Women Who Do Too Much!

In this tale of two sisters from Bethany, we meet Martha the one who did too much and Mary the one who loved what she did. While there are many differences between these two women, their love for Jesus was obvious. However, one became so distracted by the demands of her ministry that she lost her focus. (Excellent study to help women enjoy a balanced God-centered life).


Road Trip-.Down the Halleluijah Highway. A journey of faith -hope and love for women who are ready to put the pedal to the medal and travel the  "freeway of faith" and the "highway of holiness".  The adventure you meant to travel.

Dear Abby - A Woman of Influence

(more in-depth-type of retreat)

Abigail was an ordinary woman that God used to do an extraordinary work. Through her obedience, graciousness, and remarkable faith, she was the vessel that God used to change history through the life of King David. God desires to use each of us, right where we are, and sometimes in places that we never dreamed of. (A powerful study to help women become a godly influence it todayís world

Donít forget to check out Frankieís retreats for mothers and their teen daughters, Where 2-R Gathered.

A Bible Study for Women — Why We Need Girlfriends

Why We Need Girlfriends
Frankie’s New Bible Study for Women

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Eight Simple Rules for a Great Women's Ministry

Why we need Girlfriends
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